I won’t compromise
#iwontcompromise is a movement that celebrates doing what we love, wearing what makes us feel good, and being who we are without compromise. No limits, no fears, no judgments, just pure enjoyment. When we hold ourselves back in fear of how we may be perceived, society misses out. Let them stare. Let them see what we can do.
Together, let’s fight against all prejudice.
I pledge
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Why shouldn't plus-size women do yoga?
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3 prejudices to break
Plus-size women are often subject to unfounded prejudices. It’s time for change. Here are 3 prejudices often heard and the truth behind them.
Plus-size people cant do sports
Size is not an indicator of physical strength, wellness, capability or interest. The notion that someone is limited by their size or any other physical trait is simply a fallacy. Need proof? We recently launched our Step Forward Program and asked our customers to send in selfies of themselves doing their favourite activities. We received entries of women doing yoga, biking, running, playing hockey, basketball and countless other forms of sport. There is no limit to what plus-size women can do.
Plus-size people are lazy
Plus-size people are not fashionable