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Quick Tips

Quick Tips

Start by clasping your bra on the loosest hook.
Over time, as it stretches out, you can
continue to tighten it for the perfect fit.

Quick Tips

If you're spilling over, opt for a different style with more coverage or try a wider band. You can also go up a cup size and go down a band size. For example, go from 46DD to a size 44DDD.

VQuick Tips

For a little spilling on the sides, try loosening the straps or opt for a bigger cup size.

Quick Tips

If there is gaping at the cup, your bra may be a little too big. Try one cup size smaller.

Quick Tips

If there is digging, remember the support comes from the band. Loosen your straps or go up a cup size and down a band size.

Quick Tips

If the band feels too snug, try sizing up a band and sizing down a cup. For example, go from a 40DD to a size 42D.


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