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Spend is cumulative. Program year is from November 1st to October 31st.

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Signing up for My V.I.PENN. Rewards is easy! Just fill out and submit a sign-up form online or in-store. Ensure to provide accurate and complete information.

My V.I.PENN. Rewards membership is FREE and there is no minimum purchase required.

Between November 1st and October 31st, every PENN. purchase, whether in-store or online, is applied towards your yearly spend. If an item is returned, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your balance.

Under the current program you can receive up to a total of $60 in reward coupons each program year. There are three status levels and three reward thresholds:

Level 1 – Insider
Simply sign-up to My V.I.PENN. Rewards

Level 2 - Privileged
Spend $250 and receive a $15 reward coupon

Level 3 – All Access
Spend $500 and receive a $20 reward coupon. Spend $750 and receive an additional $25 reward coupon.

Reward coupons must be redeemed in-store or online at within 45 days of issuance on regular-priced, reduced-price or clearance, private label or licensed brand merchandise (they may not be applied towards gift cards). The reward coupons can only be used for one transaction, therefore you should use the full amount, or else you forfeit the remainder. Only one reward coupon may be used per transaction.

You will find out when it's your birthday! You only have to provide your birthdate (no, you don't have to give us the year if you don't want to) in any store, with our Customer Care team or by logging in to "My Account".

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