Footwear conversion chart
Size Foot Width Calf Circumference
7W 3.629.2 15.7540
7.5W 3.79.4 15.9440.5
8W 3.749.5 16.1441
8.5W 3.829.7 16.3441.5
9W 3.869.8 16.5442
9.5W 3.9410 16.7342.5
10W 3.9810.1 16.9343
11W 4.0910.4 17.3244
12W 4.2110.7 17.7245
*All sizes measured in inches. Click here to convert to centimeters
*All sizes measured in cm. Click here to convert to inches
How to take your measurements

Remove shoes and socks, stand on a sheet of paper with feet comfortably aligned to each other at approximately shoulder width apart, and have your body weight evenly distributed between your feet.

Using a pencil, gently trace the outline of the foot onto the paper, ensure the pencil is kept vertical. The trace will be more accurately done by someone else.

Draw a straight line at the longest toe and at the heel, these two lines must be parallel of each other.

Draw a vertical line connecting these two parallel lines. This right angle (90 degree) is your foot length.

The foot width is measured by a straight line connecting the widest spot of your foot.

If your measurements fall between two sizes, move up to the larger size for a better fit.