1. Underwires are uncomfortable.

False. You should not feel the underwire of a well-fitted bra. Most underwire complaints are the result of a cup too shallow or the bra band is riding up the back. This forces the underwire to slide forward into the breast tissue.

2. You should wear a white bra under a white shirt.

False. A white bra will be clearly obvious under a white shirt. If you don’t want your bra to show, you should wear a colour that matches your skin tone or is a little darker.

3. To be supported, you should wear a smaller cup.

False. To be supported appropriately, you should wear a supportive bra in your correct size.

4. To get nice cleavage, you should wear a bra that is too small.

False. You should wear a bra that fits properly and is designed to push your breasts up.

5. Once you know what your size is, every bra in this size should work for you.

False. There are many different shapes of breasts and different styles of bras work for different shapes. Even within brands, different collections fit differently.

6. Padded bras add volume.

False. If you wear the right size bra, a padded bra will enhance your shape, smooth out your breasts and cover your nipples.

7. If it is uncomfortable in the back, get a bigger size band.

False. Often bras are uncomfortable in the back because they are too loose and move around causing friction. We often think that if something feels uncomfortable we need to go bigger, but it is often the opposite with bras. A bra may feel uncomfortable in the back because it is too big and therefore not supportive enough to hold the cups of the bra to the body. The weight of the breasts will pull the bra down in the front which will pull the back up and the straps may even fall down. If the bra is higher in the back than it is in the front, you should probably get a tighter back. The back of the bra needs to be snug- this is where the support comes from!