Frequently asked questions

Penningtons loyalty program

  • How can I sign-up?
  • Signing up for the Style Insider program is easy! Just fill out and submit a sign-up form online or in-store. Ensure to provide accurate and complete information.
  • Does it cost anything to be a member?
  • Style Insider membership is FREE and there is no minimum purchase required.
  • How is my yearly spend calculated?
  • Between November 1st and October 31st, every Penningtons purchase, whether in-store or online, is applied towards your yearly spend. If an item is returned, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • Does my spend carry over into a new program year?
  • No, all spend is cumulative during a program year and does not carry over into subsequent years. Members who attain the Privileged or All Access levels during a program year will start the next year at that level. The program year starts November 1st and ends October 31st the following year.
  • How will I know what my spend level is?
  • You can check online, by signing into your account, or contact Customer Care (1-866-388-4785) to find out your spend balance.
  • Where do I enter my loyalty membership number online? / How can I ensure that my online purchases are included in my loyalty spend?
  • You do not need to enter your loyalty membership number at check out. There are multiple ways in which your online purchase may be captured in your yearly spend.
    1. 1. Sign into your account when making your purchase.
    2. 2. Create an online account if you do not have one.
    3. 3. If you have created an account in-store, you will still need to create an online account. Ensure that your personal information matches your in-store account and the two will be merged. This is recommended as you will be able to view your loyalty spend within your account.
    4. 4. Check out as a visitor using the same email address and delivery address that is in your existing in-store account, and your online spend will be added to your yearly spend. This is not recommended as you will not be able to view your transaction history in your account at a later date.
  • I just made a purchase online and the balance has not changed in my account, why?
  • It can sometimes take up to 10 days for your balance to be updated. Do not worry; your balance will reflect all purchases.
  • What spend levels do I need to reach to get a reward?
  • Under the current program you can receive up to a total of $60 in reward certificates each program year. There are three status levels and three reward thresholds:
  • Level 1 – Insider
  • Simply sign-up to be a Penningtons Insider
  • Level 2 - Privileged
  • Spend $250 and receive a $15 reward
  • Level 3 – All Access
  • Spend $500 and receive a $20 reward. Spend $750 and receive an additional $25 reward
  • Once I have earned a reward, when can I expect to receive it?
  • New reward certificates are issued four times throughout the program year.
  • How can I make sure I receive all of the benefits offered by this program?
  • Ensure that we have your email address and that you have opted in to receive emails. You can confirm your email address at any store, by contacting our Customer Care team (1-855-374-6949) or by logging in to “My Account” at
  • How do I redeem my reward?
  • Reward certificates must be redeemed in-store or online at within 45 days of issuance on regular-priced, reduced-price or clearance, private label or licensed brand merchandise (they may not be applied towards gift cards). The reward certificate can only be used for one transaction, therefore you should use the full reward amount, or else you forfeit the remainder. Only one reward certificate may be used per transaction.
  • When do the new Style Insider reward coupons expire?
  • The new Style Insider reward coupons are valid for forty five (45) days from their issuing date. Coupons will be issued four (4) times a year, happening roughly every thirteen (13) weeks.
  • I just reached the next loyalty level, when do I get to take advantage of the new benefits?
  • As soon as you reach the next level, be it Privileged or All Access, you are eligible for the new benefits. Just make sure that your mailing and email addresses are correct so you don't miss out on anything. You can verify and confirm your contact information at any store, with our Customer Care team (1-855-374-6949) or by logging in to “My Account” at
  • It is getting close to the end of the year, and I just reached the next loyalty level. Does this mean I lose my level when my spend is reset on November 1st?
  • Your status will be carried over into the next year of the Style Insider program. You are guaranteed one full year of benefits at any level you attain. However, the quicker you reach that next level, the longer you will be able to enjoy the new benefits!
  • What is the birthday surprise?
  • You will find out when it's your birthday! You only have to provide your birthdate (no, you don't have to give us the year if you don't want to) in any store, with our Customer Care team (1-866-388-4785) or by logging in to “My Account”.
  • What are the dates of the program year?
  • The Style Insider program year starts November 1st and ends October 31st the following year.
  • Why do you no longer give out membership cards?
  • In an effort to “go green” we have decided to stop distributing membership cards.
  • I have lost my Style Insider card, what do I do?
  • There’s nothing to worry about; your profile and status can still be accessed with your email address or phone number (in-store only) we have on file.
  • I do not want to be part of the Style Insider program anymore, how do I get out?
  • That’s a pity! You will be missing out on some fantastic benefits, but you can opt out at any store, or with our Customer Care team (1-866-388-4785). Of course, you can come back at any time.

Spend is cumulative during the program year and resets to zero on November 1st of each year.