As of September 1, all existing points are reset to zero (0) for all members. But your status carries over to the following year! So depending on how many points you had earned last year, you could be a Privileged or All Access as soon as the program resets and therefore be eligible immediately for all applicable benefits. The points reset in order to give you more opportunities to re-earn points to receive your coupons.
POINTS How do I earn points?
For every $1 spent, you accumulate 20 Style Insider points that help you attain rewards and new status levels. Additionally, we will sometimes have special offers where on certain days, or on certain items, you can earn even more points. Just make sure we have your e-mail address so that you'll be up to date on all our special events. You can confirm your e-mail at any store or with Customer Care (1-855-374-6949).
And what rewards do I receive with these points?
You earn points in order to attain new levels in the program, and with each new level come additional benefits. The point breakdown is as follows:
• at 5,000 points you become Privileged and receive a $15 reward coupon [equal to having spent $250]
• at 10,000 points you become All Access and receive a $20 reward coupon [equal to having spent $500]
• and at 15,000 points, you are still an All Access, but you earn an additional $25 coupon [equal to having spent $750]
I just made a purchase online and the points aren't showing up in my account, why not?
The Style Insiders section of the website is a great way to check your point total, but it can sometimes take up to 10 days for your point balance to be updated. Don't worry though; your points will get there.
Will it be up to me to keep track of my points, or will I receive status updates?
You can check your point balance by entering your Style Insider card number at the bottom of every page on our website or by contacting Customer Care (1-855-374-6949). You will also periodically receive a status updatevia email.
Once I've earned a reward, when can I expect to receive it?
New reward coupons are issued eight (8) times a year. You can expect your reward to arrive in the next applicable distribution period, happening roughly every six weeks.
I've verified my mailing and e-mail addresses, but I'm still not receiving any e-mails nor my reward coupons.
Even if we have the correct address and e-mail address for you, you need to confirm that you agree to receive e-mails and mail from us, otherwise you won't receive your reward coupons and you won't hear about some of the special opportunities that your status grants. You can confirm your agreement to receive our communications at any store, or with Customer Care (1-855-374-6949).
When do the new Style Insider reward coupons expire?
The new Style Insider reward coupons are valid for two (2) months from their issuing date. Coupons will be issued eight (8) times a year, happening roughly every six weeks.
Are there any exceptions to what I can buy using my new Style Insider reward coupons?
There are no exceptions. Your reward coupons can be used in any Penningtons store [not on-line] for any merchandise [not applicable on gift cards], no matter whether it's on promo or on sale. There's no minimum spend on the coupon, but they don't count as cash, so there's no money back - you might as well spend it all and treat yourself!
I just reached the next loyalty level, when do I get to take advantage of the new benefits?
As soon as you reach the next level, be it Privileged or All Access, you are eligible for the new benefits. Just make sure that your mailing and e-mail addresses are correct to ensure that you don't miss out on anything. Reward coupons will only be sent by mail eight (8) times a year, and e-mail is sometimes the only way you'll hear about the special opportunities your new status grants you. You can verify and confirm your contact information at any store, or with Customer Care (1-855-374-6949).
It's getting close to the end of the year, and I just reached the next loyalty level. Does this mean I lose it when my points reset on September 1?
Once you attain a new loyalty level, be it Privileged or All Access, you are eligible for the new benefits immediately and your status carries over into the next year of the Style Insider program. You're guaranteed one full year of benefits at any level you attain - minimum. The quicker you reach that next level, the longer you'll have with the new benefits!
What's the birthday surprise?
You'll find out when it's your birthday, assuming you've confirmed your birthday (no, you don't have to give us the year if you don't want to) with any store or with Customer Care (1-855-374-6949) and your mailing address is up to date.
I've lost my Style Insider card; what do I do?
In order to be more eco-friendly, our customers will no longer need to present their Penningtons Style Insider card when making purchases in store. By providing either your email address or phone number, our store staff can easily access your account. When making an online purchase, simply login to your account by entering your email address and password. All customers will continue acquiring points for every transaction processed.
I don't want to be part of the Style Insider program anymore; how do I get out?
Well, we're sorry to hear it, and you'll be missing out on some fantastic benefits, but you can opt out at any store, or with Customer Care (1-855-374-6949). But let us just say that you're welcome back at any time.